Les Drôles de Dames - Triple Trapeze

In Les Drôles de Dames three ladies on the trapeze go just a little bit crazy. It is a comical mix of throwing, catching and unexpected events. In 2015 the act was awarded with a silver medal at the prestigious Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris and since then it has been performed all around Europe and the world.

Technical requirements: Different versions for heights of 4-6m, 6-9 meters and +9m. Ideal height  is 8m.

Performers: Jaimee Allen, Valpuri Kaarninen, Maria Peltola

Time: 6.30

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Cloud Swing

We think a soft, calm woman is harmless. But what if she's not? What if she's not just strong, but gets her power from that apparent calmness? Jaimee Allen's cloud swing act is a game with the unexpected, a female rebellion against the belief that softness is incompatible with strength. 

Technical requirements: Height of minumum 7m, a free area of minimum 12x5m.

Performers: Jaimee Allen 

Length 4.30

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Strong Woman -

Human Pyramids

Is it a man? Is it woman? It's a strong woman! An act about women who can do anything that men can do, and in heels. Strong woman is an energetic acrobatics and comedy act that can be done in any kinds of spaces without heavy technical installation.

Technical requirements: An area of 5m x 5m

Performers: Jaimee Allen, Valpuri Kaarninen, Maria Peltola

Time: 6.20

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Skipping in A Minor - Skipping Ropes

Just another day when three girls get together to jump some rope. Or is it? Skipping in A Minor combines highly technical rope skipping with classical music and absurd humor. Inspired by double dutch and playground, these girls turn a street sport into a circus act. 

Technical requirements: A minimun area of 5m x 5m.

Performers: Jaimee Allen, Valpuri Kaarninen, Maria Peltola

Length: 5

Dance Triple Trapeze

Technical requirements: Minimum height of 5 meters, different versions to be donw with or without motor.

Performers: Valpuri Kaarninen, Maria Peltola

Time: 5.30

Strap Loops

Technical requirements: A minimum height of 5 meters

Performers: Maria Peltola

Length: 5





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